2019 Release Schedule

Great news! I’ll have seven awesome releases for you in 2019, including five full novels, one novella, one audiobook, and one re-release in Russian. (Yes, you read that right. Russian.)

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February – Angelbound Origins LINCOLN

Don’t miss this new full novel in the ANGELBOUND series! It tells more of the pre-story from the point of view of everyone’s favorite book boyfriend, Prince Lincoln, and includes extra content. WOOT WOOT!!!

March – Dimension Drift UMBRA

The second prequel novel for the YA urban fantasy series, DIMENSION DRIFT, will launch in January. This one is written from Thorne’s point of view…

April – Dimension Drift ALIEN MINDS

Meet Meimi Archer. Science genius and smarts who may or may not have the hots for her new classmate (who may or may not be an alien). Fun!

July – Angelbound Offspring ZINNIA

Zinnia is raised to be the vessel of reincarnation for her dragon forebear, Chimera. Then she starts to remember her true past and damn, is she ever pissed. Watch out, all ye big bads who lied to her!

August – Angelbound Origins DARK LANDS Audiobook

In THRAX, Myla wakes up to discover her husband Lincoln has been replaced by a body double, so she must travel t earth and save him before she must give birth. How hard can it be?

October – Angelbound Origins THE BRUTAL TIME

Myla and Lincoln must travel back in time to ensure the Thrax form into a demon fighting force. And if our fav couple can’t get the job done? Everyone they love will disappear. No pressure.

November – Magicorum SLIPPERS AND THIEVES

This fall, the story of Cinderella gets retold as you’ve never seen it before with SLIPPERS AND THIEVES. Click below to find out more!

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  1. I love all the anglebound books. I can’t wait for Brutal Times, Lincoln and Zinna.
    I’m just starting to read your other series. I am sure I will love them also.

    1. Thank you so much, Kelley!!! I’m thrilled you like my books and your post made my day 🙂 Keep reading and being awesome!


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