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Young Myla and Lincoln Kick Ass and Take Names in This Prequel Novella for REAPER GAMES!

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A part-demon girl fights Lady Reaper
Myla Lewis is a sixteen-year old part-demon girl who fights evil souls in Purgatory’s Arena… and she’s always on the lookout for a good chance to fight evil. A SUH-weet battle opportunity appears with Lady Reaper, the famous ghoulette who wields both a scythe and nefarious intensions. Myla discovers Lady Reaper will hide inside the Demon Woods ‘ride’ at Purgatory’s Annual Lust Festival. Time to visit the fest, kick ass and take names, right? Wrong. Lady Reaper has other plans for Myla and her bestie, Cissy…

A part-angel prince faces the Grim Reaper
Lincoln is a seventeen-year old part-angel prince who protects humans from the denizens of Hell. On a routine trip to Earth, Lincoln uncovers clues that his best friend, Walker, might be allied to an evil ghoul named the Grim Reaper. Things go downhill from there…


It’s a Death Match Against Grim and Regina Reaper!

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The Great Scala Battles Regina Reaper

Myla Lewis is now a mother, wife, queen, Great Scala… and someone who adores a good battle. Cue Regina Reaper, a scythe-wielding ghoul who wants to steal the soul of Myla’s bestie, Cissy, in order to control every last ghost in the after-realms. Even worse, Lady Reaper is high-jacking Cissy’s wedding to finish her nefarious plans. To save Cis, Myla must cause new levels of trouble while Cissy and Zeke march down the aisle!

King Lincoln Fights the Grim Reaper

Regina Reaper isn’t working alone—her husband, Grim, is helping to enslave souls across the after-realms. It’s a good thing that Lincoln’s best friend, Walker, may know the secret to saving the day. But is Walker helping Lincoln… or secretly scheming with the Grim Reaper? 

It’s a race against time, ghouls, and wedding bells in this action-packed adventure!