Many authors use AI in their writing. I do not. To be clear, I leverage some AI-like tools such as spell check. And if I buy an artwork, I may alter the style using an AI-like processing system such as Photoshop. Which brings me to the great question of our time: What’s the difference between good and bad machines? (And I do believe that everything and everyone carries the potential for these two extremes.)

My work explores Purgatory. The in-between. When does a righteous act become deadly sin? For my characters, that border may be found whenever the innocent are injured. The thrax consider it unworthy to attack an opponent who did not strike first. My character, Myla, is called to fight evil souls in the arena. She enjoys battle and practices her craft, but she does not pick fights.

I believe there’s a similar line when it comes to AI or as Frank Herbert said in his Dune series, thinking machines. This is no longer an industrial revolution that creates an assembly line for knitting socks. Instead, we’re automating that sock’s design and artistry. As a culture, we cross a line into deciding that a statistical average can be the official ‘thought’ on any particular task.

Without meaning to, we essentially declare certain thinking activities–like driving a cab or cooking a burger–are worthy of execution by machine. We devalue the labor and people in that segment. Someone will get hurt. And all of us will miss out on the kind of human connection and uplifting insight that only our fellow beings can deliver.

All of which is a long of saying that I’m adding the image below to my book covers and the following text to book descriptions:

-BUH BYE, AI…this book’s written by an actual human
-NO MONOTONE AUDIO…the author reads her stuff and does all the voices
-NEW WORLDS, EVERY TIME…this story introduces the after-realms
-PLUS, KICK-ASS HEROINES…complete with sassy mouths, steamy kisses and killer right hooks

This may make a difference to you when choosing your next book. It could also inspire you to hate my guts. However you feel, please know that I make this decision because I truly believe that doing anything else eventually hurts the innocent. #noai