I’m excited to announce my book release schedule for 2024!

March – Angelbound Tales Vol 1.
This release brings together five bonus stories from Myla’s world and makes them available for the first time in one master release that spans ebook, audio and print formats! Super happy with the audio release here; this stuff was a blast to record!

June – Angelbound Angry Gods
This summer, I’ll release the next episode in the ongoing saga of Myla’s life. In this book, Myla faces down some angry Greco-Roman deities. It’s also the secret tale of how Zeke and Cissy adopted their daughters. 

October – Violets and Vampires
My vampire romantasy series continues with the story of Sasha and Konstantin!

All year long – Angelbound Special Editions!
In 2023, I released special editions of Angelbound Origins 1-5 with bonus stories. In 2024, I’ll do the same with Angelbound Origins 6-10. For more details on this and other releases, check out the video below!

What about other series?
I have moved out the launch dates on the Xavier, Witches of the magicorum and Lincoln series. I hope to have updates on the final release timeframes for these books by mid-summer. I wish there were enough hours in the day to get out all the books in my head!

Is there a particular book or series that you’d like to see added into the mix for 2024? Please let me know in the comments below!