Dear Readers,

I just had my first official book signing at Book Expo America! This was mega nerve-wracking as it was my first time sharing WOLVES AND ROSES with potential readers. Tons of folks show up for BEA, and my work was new to many of them. So, I made sample chapters of WOLVES AND ROSES and handed them out to folks waiting in line to get in.

I was totally sweating this, BTW. Would there be a process for me to get ‘approved’ to approach readers in line?  Would there be so many authors trying to talk to readers that I’d get pushed aside? I skipped my breakfast and coffee (those of you who know me, realize this is a big deal) so I could hit the expo hall early.

Aaaaaaaaaand as it turns out, there was no process for authors to greet readers because there were no other authors who showed up before the official opening. None. Zero. Zip. In fact, I got the vibe that most authors didn’t work the crowd outside of official signings and talks. Like, ever.

Wait, WHAT?

I come from a business background where we pull together mega-expensive user conferences, investing tons of time and money so we can grab our customers together in one place and talk to them for a few hours. These conferences always include expensive parties and pricey gifts. In my case, I really didn’t think that printing up some sample chapters would be pushing the envelope, but there I was. The only one.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This was one of those times where I get the vibe like some authors maybe think that it’s tacky or desperate to work a crowd of readers. Meh. I write to be read, and I love the feedback I get from readers. Get too far away from your audience, and you’re in for a world of hurt. But ultimately, what do I know? This is all new to me.

Long story short, the signing went great and I had a ton of folks show up to get actual copies of the full book. Woot woot!

I also felt the mega-love from my distributors INscribe and IPG. They promoted my new book in their KILLER booth and invited me back for another signing at the ALA show. The pic at the top of this page is of me and the wonderful and talented Kelly Peterson from INscribe posing in front of the booth pic in questions. Thanks for all your support!

Christina Bauer