Angelbound Tales Vol One
By Christina Bauer
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Love Myla Lewis? Don’t miss Angelbound Tales Volume One, a collection of five bonus stories from Myla’s world, including:

  • Walker’s Love Connection,where Myla uncovers a secret about her honorary older brother.
  • Sharkie and Snickerdoodles,in which our heroine faces down an uber-evil ghoul in order to get her hands on (what else?) some damned fine cookies.
  • Wedding Bells,aka the story of a certain happy couple getting married. Havoc ensues in more ways than one!
  • Herbie and Baby Hotdogs,the tale of a quasi-demon whose ‘mortal sin power’ is gluttony. Consider yourself warned.
  • Saving Mrs. Pomplemousse,a mini-romance that explores the true meaning of ‘soul mates.’ Say it with me now: awwww!

Originally released in special editions, these many tales now unite in one master collection that spans print, ebook and audio formats! 42,000 words.

***Warning*** If you don’t like quirky indie authors, then you’ll hate the following disclaimer from my inner pirate: Shiver me tinders, if ye haven’t read Angelbound books one through three, then these tales’ll frustrate ye more’n a drunk goat on astroturf. Argh!

Now back to my regular pirate-free self:

I hope these stories provide a little escape from reality because, let’s face it, we all need one these days 🙂