The Denarii Visit Barnes & Noble!

The east region Denarii players recently visited the Barnes & Noble of Framingham, MA! They had fun meeting store staff and customers alike, as well as rearranging store displays because DENARII LEAGUE. Great work team! To register for the signing on November 2nd, click here!

What a great welcome from the Framingham Barnes & Noble!

Madame and Blanche are recruiting new Denarii all the time!

Suspicious girl is very suspicious 🙂

The cutest little Denarii!

Blanche and Madame, looking for prospective Denarii in the Teen Fantasy & Adventure Section!

Got that, every kid?

Here’s Madame, making friends wherever she goes!

The Denarii are rather sneaky when it comes to product placement.

I love this glamour shot of the giveaways with the gloves! Suh-WEET!!!!