Must-read YA paranormal romance: ‘Wolves and Roses’ by Christina Bauer

Why you should read it: This book is some crazy-fun reading! Author Christina Bauer has crafted an urban fantasy-type contemporary New York, weaving shifters, fairy tales and historical figures into a truly original — and sometimes laugh-out-loud — romantic paranormal adventure.

Knox. Oh my word. This guy is a romantic hero who comes with a comic sidekick … literally within him. The interactions between Knox and his wolf kept me chuckling throughout the novel. And Bryer? This girl is not some fainting princess, waiting to be saved by her prince. She’s a smart, sassy, risk-taking teen with a deadline bearing down on her and a “life template” she can’t wait to escape.

The world-building in this novel unfolds naturally, with such matter-of-factness that there is never once a jolt to remind you you’re reading. The settings are vivid, even in the dark, and each character brings their own individual brand of sass, spunk — and awkwardness! — to the tale.

A must-read for fans of YA paranormal romance, shifter romance, twisted/fractured fairy tales and light urban fantasy, Wolves and Roses is the first book of the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum series and should not be missed. Add it to your TBR, ASAP!

By Serena Chase, USA Today

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