Check out my Favorite #TBT Photos!

I do daily posts for social media, including #TBT (Throw Back Thursday). Some of my most popular pics are listed below. To make sure you don’t miss out on any cool stuff, you can sign up here:

#TBT to baby’s first drag queens, featuring my husband and son!

FYI: My kid has since perfected his ‘I can’t believe you’re making me do this’ face…

#TBT with nothing to see here!

That time I looked away for two seconds and left fries in the car. Ruby The Dog is just that fast.

#TBT featuring the concept: at least they’re not culottes!

What happens in our house when my son says he will only wear shorts to school.

#TBT – It’s a bird… It’s a plane…

A pic of Ruby the Golden dreaming of herself as SUPERDOG

#TBT to baby’s first latte, featuring my then-baby son!

And yes, I do have a thing for Starbucks.

#TBT to that time Ruby really loved her bath…

You’d think this was the Spanish Inquisition.

#TBT to that time my husband and son made silly faces…

We are a family of goofballs 🙂

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