The Pixieland Diaries series continues with book 3, DARE! In this book, there’s more drama, romance and our fave pixie, Calla.

Scroll down to see the front and wrap covers. DARE is here March 30th, 2021!

Dare (Pixieland Diaries Book 3)
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What happens when a pixie outcast seizes the Faerie throne… but her beloved prince becomes a wanted criminal?

Sassy pixie Calla loves the prankster life. Sure, her trickster ways irritate other fae. In fact, some elves want to exile Calla from Faerie. But then, everything changes. Why? Calla’s magic erases an evil blight on the Faerie realm, and so the pariah pixie becomes something unexpected: a Fae Queen.

Yet no sooner does Calla take the crown than a new and unstoppable plague appears. Things get even worse when Calla’s longtime crush, the elf Prince ‘Dare’ Darius, appears to have masterminded the outbreak before fleeing to the mountains. According to the Faerie elders, there’s only one way to end this disease…

Calla must hunt down Dare and destroy him.

Yeah. Like that will ever happen.

Instead of killing anyone, Calla vows to cure the plague while proving Dare’s innocence. And if she must pull a few mega-pranks to make it all happen? Not a problem. Even so, the path ahead is still fraught with trouble. Secret enemies scheme to manipulate the outbreak—as well as Calla’s feelings for Dare—in order to bring our favorite prankster down, once and for all.

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