I’m excited to share my 2022 release schedule! This schedule went through some revisions due to personal reasons. Heartfelt thanks to all my readers for your patience and support. 

End of An Era

This year marks the end of the Angelbound Offsprings series. The final book is called Gage!

Other Series Continue

There are new books coming in the Magicorum, Angelbound Lincoln, and Angelbound Origins series. There will also be an audiobook release in the Angelbound Origins series as well as more books in the German language.

Scroll down for details!

February 8 – Angelfire

Angelbound Lincoln #5

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March 24 – Mirrors and Mysteries

Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #9

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April 7 – Skala

Angelbound German Book 3

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June 16 – Gage

Angelbound Offspring #6

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August – Quasi Redux Audiobook

Angelbound Origins #7

Pre-order links to follow

October 13 – Lady Reaper

Angelbound Origins #10

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