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Like slow-burn medieval romance and magic? Here’s a box set that you’ll love: MY NECROMANCER ROMANCE! All five books in the Beholder series are now in one collection… 

CURSED (Book 1) 
Most days, Elea couldn’t care less about being a witch, even if she does have special powers over spirit and bone. Why bother with incantations when you’re a farm girl? Everything changes when the evil Necromancer Tsar curses Elea. Now, she only has five years left before she burns as a ghost, tortured for all eternity. A handsome warlock named Rowan steps up to help. Elea wants him as an ally, but she can’t ignore the mixed-up feelings that come with every one of Rowan’s crooked smiles …

As a Grand Mistress Necromancer, Elea’s a witch who commands the ultimate power over spirit and bone. It’s magic that she’ll need in order to stop the Vicomte Gaspard from killing her Sisters by draining their magic along with their life force. To find and free her fellow witches, Elea must venture into some of the most dangerous places in the realm. And with the handsome warlock Rowan along to help, Elea may be risking more than her life. Her growing feelings for Rowan might put her heart on the line as well…

For Elea, there’s never been a better time to turn away from witch life. The Tsar is in exile. The Vicomte is dead. And Rowan? Falling for him only broke her heart. Instead of casting spells, Elea spends her days running Braddock Farm and enjoying the flirtations of the very handsome and non-magical Philippe. Everything is going perfectly, except for one problem. Someone’s trying to kill her. 

CROWNED (Book 4) 
At last, Elea has found the love of her life. Unfortunately, the evil Tsar Viktor is about to unleash an army of twisted mages bent on killing everyone Elea cares about… including the man who’s stolen her heart. So what’s a powerful witch to do? Why, fight back, of course! Elea goes on a mission to find the Sword of Theodora, the only weapon that can destroy Viktor. Will she find it in time? 

CRADLED (Book 5) 
Elea is settling in to her new life. Trouble is, her true love is spending a lot of time cleaning up messes from his childhood. And considering the nightmare that was his upbringing, those are some ugly scenes indeed. In fact, the experience is enough to make her new love vow that he never wants children of his own. Oops.

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