As part of the launch tour for my recent release, Angelbound Reaper Games, I was asked to share the best and worst things about being a writer. Since I love top ten lists, I decided to throw that into the mix as well. 

So, without further ado, here goes!

Top 10 BEST Things About Being a Writer

Ten. Readers

Nine. Revenge characters 

Eight. Hyperfocus

Seven. Working for me (I’m a cool boss)

Six. Living my passion

Five. Wearing pajamas to work

Four. All-nighters (honestly, this can be fun)

Three. Learning things to build new worlds

Two. Laughing at crazy crap I make my characters say/do 

One. Knowing I create things that aren’t for money, but to make the world a little better

Top 10 WORST Things About Being a Writer

Ten. Deadlines

Nine. Mean reviews on bad days (good days, who cares)

Eight. Working for me (I can be a pain in the ass)

Seven. Type-os. They are my nemesis!

Six. The seductive allure of avoiding deadlines by surfing the internet

Five. Writing scenes where my characters cry

Four. Cutting scenes that took a long time to write but just don’t work

Three. Realizing my pajamas haven’t been washed in a while

Two. No office gossip (This one hurts!)

One. Someone figures out they are the antagonist in my book (this hasn’t happened yet, but I tend to worry forward!)

There you have it: my top ten best and worst things about bring a writer! I hope you enjoyed the lists 🙂