Hello readers,

So every so often, I get the urge to record a video blog because WHY NOT? For some reason, when vlogging, I tend to do this open-mouthed-slash-closed-eyed-thing that YouTube loves to make the highlight picture. Since I’m too lazy to figure out how to fix that, I’ve decided that I like it…And I hope you like this round-up of all my best vlogs!

Truth time: they are my only vlogs but, hey, watching them is still better than do actual work, right?


NEW VLOG! Southern Swearing and Other Stuff

Wherein I explain what it’s like to get ‘southern sworn’ at by your nanny.

VLOG 2: Pizza, Pumpkins and Books

In this thrill-packed episode, I talk about some mostly eaten pizza and my current taste in home decor.

VLOG 1: My Living Room And Some Pants

My very first VLOG, where I give you a tour of my fav writing spots as well as some pants. No, I am not kidding.