It’s May, time for new things like tulips…


And random obsessions, yay!

Here are three of mine.

Obsession Number One: Phabeni the Elephant

There’s a real-life elephant soap opera that I’m obsessively following right now & must share: There’s an elephant orphanage in South Africa where the Matriarch Setombe (elephants are always led by the oldest ladies) has been depressed and not doing her job so the next level lady elephants have been fighting it out. Nooo! But then, in comes a new bull elephant baby Phabeni and he decides Setombe is his mom, as kids do. Now Setombe is all about being Matriarch and everyone is happy but… Phabeni got sick! Nooooooo! Baby elephants are very particular about their milk formula and the only kind Phabeni eats is no longer manufactured. The company has promised to make a special batch for Phabeni but will it arrive in time? Find out at the YouTube Channel.

Obsession Number Two: The CDK Company

I love the work coming out of this dance group! Check out my fave video here. The CDK Company is an international company located in the Netherlands whose main focus is to provide high quality training within a collective.

Obsession Number Three: In Deep Geek

I heart this YouTube channel dedicated to all things geekery. The content related to Lord of the Rings is especially awesome. Plus, the host has a great English accent, so you can feel super smart while you listen.

So there you have it–my latest three obsessions. Now back to my latest manuscript!