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Here’s more about UMBRA …

UMBRA, Book 2, Dimension Drift Prequels
By Christina Bauer
Print ISBN 9781945723674
eBook ISBN 9781945723384

One day, eighteen-year-old Thorne could become the Emperor of the Omniverse, the single being who rules countless worlds. Trouble is, his father Cole–who’s also the current Emperor–is a sadistic freak.

In fact, Cole won’t even keep his promises to the very humans who got him his throne.

Thorne won’t stand for it. He decides to travel to the human world and make good on his father’s promises. What he doesn’t count on is falling in love….

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Dimension Drift Reading Order
Dystopian adventures with science, snark, and hot aliens
1. Scythe
2. Umbra

1. Alien Minds (Spring 2019)
2. ECHO Academy (Spring 2020)
3. Drift Warrior (Spring 2021)