As part of the launch of my new book, SLIPPERS AND THIEVES, the lovely folks at What Is That Book About asked me to share the playlist that helped inspire this novel. So you know, SLIPPERS AND THIEVES is the fourth book in my Fairy Tales of the Magicorum series. It reimagines Cinderella in (what I hope is!) a fresh, funny and kickass way.

Now on to the playlist!

While writing this book, I obsessively listened to a Youtube playlist of thirteen awesome tunes. Here are the top ones that really inspired me.

One. The Wallflowers – One Headlight

First of all, how cute is Bob Dylan’s son, aka the lead singer of the Wallflowers? So cute. In fact, Jakob Dylan is an inspiration for another character of mine, Rhodes, who’s both a dragon shifter and a guitar player (in the Angelbound Offspring series). But I digress. This particular tune has a line that goes: “me and Cinderella, we put it all together.” Every time I’d hear this song in years past, I’d think, damn! One day I got to write me a version of Cinderella. And now, it’s here! Yay!

Two. Elastica – Connection

To me, this song is all about the in-your-face feeling when you really connect with another person. In particular, this tune inspired me while writing the scene where Alec Le Charme first sees Elle Cynder. BOOM!!!!

Three. Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

This one was another inspiration for Alec Le Charme. As a celebrity, Alec’s life involves a lot of dealing with press and fans. As this song hints, being in the public eye can attract some real kooks! As lyrics go, Paparazzi is right up there with Sting’s Every Breath You Take as a true stalker anthem.

Four. Destiny’s Child – Survivor

This song may be on virtually every book playlist that I create. It’s just the best anthem for chicks kicking ass while still keeping their dignity and kindness. I want my characters to be strong, not douchebags. It’s easy to cross the line and this tune helps me stay on track.

So there you have it – my playlist for SLIPPERS AND THIEVES!

The launch tour for SLIPPERS AND THIEVES lasts until December 6th. More info here!