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Dear Readers,

I am Calla and my story is the PIXIELAND DIARIES. Because I’m just that awesome, this book includes some of my actual pencil sketches. What can I say? I’m a multi-talented fairy.

By the way, you wouldn’t believe the hassle behind finishing this novel. Christina Bauer took FOREVER to format my amazing creation. Blah blah blah typing blah blah blah ebook files blah blah blah. In fact, I almost turned her into a toad, it was all so annoying. At last, Christina rallied and got stuff done. I’m super scary and magical that way, especially to humans.

Here’s the bottom line. My story launches on March 31st with more than 70,000 words of my stupendous life and over ten drawings, including this one which shows a certain elf lady named the Ley Queen. She’s both a badass and critical part of my tale.

That is all. Now go think of me until my book is live.

– Calla