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PIXIELAND DIARIES launches on March 31st with 70,000+ words and 10+ drawings from Calla, a sassy pixie who has an unhealthy non-relationship with an elf prince named Darius. Read below for an overview of the novel and an exclusive sneak peek at three of Calla’s drawings!



If you don’t like pixies, don’t read this diary.

If you don’t like loud-mouthed pixies who are really cool but sometimes get told they’re immature (for no reason), then definitely stop reading.

Oh, and if you’re His Awfulness The Elf Prince ‘Dare’ Darius, then you can kiss my butt. My hatred for you burns with the fire of a thousand suns. Thanks for getting me kicked out of Pixieland and exiled to attend some rando human high school on Earth. You’re the worst, even if you have a cute smile. And nice eyes. Your hair looks okay sometimes, too. But you’re still a creep and I loathe you.

And to everyone else: if you’ve read this far, then you better finish my entire diary.

My story is supernatural, whacked-out, and overall awesome.

“Calla is awesome!” – Katie, Goodreads
“Never had this much fun while reading a book” – Diary of a Wannabe Writer
“Loved meeting this sassy, sweet-and-sour pixie and her nemesis/crush/dream!” – Book Junkie Reads
“Christina has done it again!! I am MADLY in love with Calla and the Pixieland Diaries!” – Acme Teen Books

1. Pixieland Diaries
2. Calla
3. Dare
4. Ivy

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