Dear Readers,

When I’m writing a book, I always have a personal photo album of inspiration pics. Time was, I kept this stuff onPinterest. Then I realized that these images were so central to the story, they needed to get into the book itself. Folks liked that, so I thought I’d share some of there background on why I selected each image in a photo album.

Take a look at these images from my newest release, Angelbound MACK!


I love this image of the main character, Mack. In looking at it, I got obsessed with why he was toting around this particular sword. I developed a whole backstory about how magic wands can be made out of anything, including toilet brushes and blades. Sometimes, I make up this stuff and it doesn’t work. This is one of the cases where it fit in.

I love this picture of Kaps as well! She’s so confident, despite the fact that she’s about to step through a portal into the hidden city of El Dorado. Yay, Kaps!

Speaking of El Dorado, I went through dozens of inspiration pics to find this hidden city. I simply kept coming back to this one. There’s a lot more detail in the book, but this image gives you a general idea of the splendor!

How freaking cool is this picture? A bug lady with bat wings coming out of her freaking head? I found this one a year ago and forgot about it. While writing MACK, I was like: bug-lady-bat-head is my villain! One of the challenges of writing this book is that there’s the back story of El Dorado (which has villains) as well as the drama of the present day (which has a different set of related villains). Hopefully it makes sense when you read the book, but this monster, Vision, is key to the back story of El Dorado!

Lady Aurelian is the queen of El Dorado. I can’t say much more without giving secrets away!

Wyverns are dragons with wings that stretch between their arms and torsos versus coming out of their backs. This book is lousy with these amazing creatures and explores their unique history in detail (which I totally made up!)

There you have it… hope you enjoyed my scrapbook!

About MACK

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I’m Mack, a regular human who happens to run a secret league of vampire hunters. For most of my nineteen years, my daily routine has been to kill bloodsuckers, rinse and repeat.

But if I thought the vampires were trouble before, now stuff is about to get downright apocalyptic.

Why? The clock is ticking. The magical city of El Dorado will reopen soon. And once that happens, the vampire leader, Roman, will enter and create an army of bloodsuckers who do more than just kill humans—these vamps also take the shape of the last person they murdered. With thousands of supernatural warriors behind him, Roman will wipe out humankind and repopulate the world with vampires.

Not on my watch.

Trouble is, Roman knows I’m coming for him, so he’s targeting the woman I love, Kaps. There’s no way I’m putting her in danger, so I tell Kaps we’re through and go after Roman on my own.

But my woman is a badass dragon shifter who wants to end Roman as much as I do. When it comes to saving humanity, Kaps won’t let anyone stop her.

Even me.