Sunday, April 18th… I’m so excited for tomorrow’s cover reveal for CLOCKWORK IGNI, book #9 in the Angelbound Origins series! This novel represents a new era for Myla Lewis in two ways. First, I’m launching a new look for Myla in particular and the series in general. Second, there’s also a new narrative thread.

In CLOCKWORK IGNI, Myla opens Pandora’s Door and releases a whole host of “big bads” that she must fight in future books. The next evildoer who gets rowdy is Lady Reaper (Book 10)–she’s the Grim Reaper, a chick, and wants to kick Myla out of her ghost management gig. And the stories go on from there, from a league of spectral pirates to a Wild West version of Purgatory. Fun times ahead!

And it all starts with CLOCKWORK IGNI and this cover reveal. The event is supported by an awesome team of Bookstagrammers who are sharing the cover today… followed by an amazing group of bloggers who’ll share both the cover and an excerpt from the book over the coming weeks.

Check them out below!




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