I’m so excited to share another excerpt from CLOCKWORK IGNI, the next release in my Angelbound origins series! This sample is all about the super-cool Clockwork Realm.

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“We’ve discussed this before,” says Miss Kits. “As a feline kitsune, my magic muddles people up.”

“And we’ve also chatted about real feline kitsunes,” I retort. “They’re cats with six tails who change into humans. They don’t appear in your backyard along with a tiny imploding planet and then screw with your memory.” 

In reply, Miss Kits speaks in my mind. This is yet another one of her unusual abilities. 

Ask me the question.

I think back my reply. 

Who are you, really?

This time, Miss Kits speaks aloud. “It’s easy to think of past, present, and future as separate things. Yet there are dimensions where all three are meshed into one. And that place happens to be my home. The Clockwork Realm. There, time is beyond fluid, which is why we must rely on clockwork. It gives us structure and sanity.”

“So you’re a clockwork being.” I think back to the founding tale of Purgatory. “That’s like the Saga of Diadem.” 

Every school kid knows the story. Mother Time (aka Diadem) flew into Purgatory on her Clockwork Pyramid and gave us the very first igni, which are the little supernatural lightning bolts that move souls to Heaven or Hell. 

Miss Kits gives me a sly look. “The Saga of Diadem is an excellent example. You see, every living creature can sense the Clockwork Realm. What many call intuition comes from my home. Consciousness reaches out through space and time with a message for you. That’s been happening to you lately, isn’t it?”

I nod. “There’s this ticking noise that only I can hear.”

“So you can remember the countdown. Good. Sadly, you won’t recall everything else that we discuss. That’s the nature of the Clockwork Realm. Unless you’re a native, many things are too fluid to grasp onto for long.” 

I rub my neck and think things through. Miss Kits is from a special realm where time stuff happens. I need to lock that it in my mind forever.

My mind blanks.


–You’ve reached the end of this sample. 
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