I am so incredibly excited to announce that, at long last, the raw files for my latest audiobook are recorded and off for processing. Armageddon is on its way! (That sounded better in my head.) From this point, smart engineers cut out all my mistakes and make the files ready for stores. 

Whew, I tell you!

Not gonna lie. This one was a bitch to record, same as it was to write. Back when I was creating this book, my son had just gotten diagnosed serious sensory issues along with autism. Through this process, I realized that most of my son’s ‘odd’ behaviors were actually a call for help because he was overwhelmed by the world. Writing this helped me work through that experience, but it wasn’t easy. That said, I’m lucky that I can write out my troubles, if that makes sense.

Most importantly, Armageddon is a reader favorite–I think you guys know when there’s something real on the page–which makes me super happy to close in on a final release. If you want an alert when the processed files are ready for purchase, you can sign up for audiobook alerts here:


I’ll end with another pic of yours truly smiling my face off in my home recording studio. Huzzah!