My heart is pounding as I write this: I just registered for my first class at Harvard University’s Extension… I’m going for my Master’s in History!!! I’ve wanted to do this for ages, but there was a lot of personal stuff I needed to work through first. 

Here are all the questions I’ve been getting, in case you have them as well:

Is this the Harvard-Harvard?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is here. Basically, this is something cool the university offers for locals. You have to maintain a certain GPA to get in and stay in. Thank you, Harvard!

Will this affect your book release schedule?

My goal is that extra info in my head will help my writing. Plus, I’m taking the slow boat course schedule–one class each semester–so this won’t be over any time soon! For me, studying history fuels my work, and I’m running out of YouTube documentaries. Hello, grad school!

Doesn’t Harvard have a creative writing program?

It does, but it’s really designed for people who’ve never written a novel before. As of today, I’ve launched forty-two books. So, there’s that. Also, the way my mind works, if I’m not challenged by something, then I suck at it. Also-also, the classes include lots of critiquing, and as my old bosses in high tech have said: you don’t suffer fools gladly. History it is!

Are you sure you can do this?

Fuck, no! But I’m trying it anyway. 

What’s your first class?

The History of Law in Europe taught by Tamar Herzog. If it’s anything like the movie The Paper Chase, I’m dropping this like a hot brick. 

What do your husband and son say?

They are very supportive. I’m a lucky me 🙂