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About LADY REAPER – The Great Scala Fights The Grim Reaper!

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Years ago, the ghouls ruled my homeland of Purgatory with all the gentle care of a throat punch. They even controlled the Great Scala, the only being who sends souls to Heaven or Hell. These days, the ghouls are gone and I’m the Great Scala. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

Then the Grim Reaper shows up and says, hold my scythe.

I’m told to go home and find a new job. Me. And my orders come from none other than Lady Regina the Reaper, a Victorian-style chick who sports a tiny hat and some huge attitude. Simply put, Regina is a rule-loving snob. She’s also the new favorite of my old nemesis, the Oligarchy, aka the four undead kings of all ghoul kind. And much as I hate to admit it, she’s put together a pretty effective evil scheme.

No question what’s truly happening, though. The ghouls want to step back into ruling Purgatory by giving me the boot through Regina. I’m having none of it. And this time, I’m taking the fight to the ghoul homeland. After all, no one knows ghouls better than I do. I’ve got myself a Nazgul-style disguise along with a plan to oust the Oligarchy in three simple steps. All I need to do is control my tail and temper. Not a problem.

Regina the Reaper can kiss my quasi butt. No one fires the Great Scala.

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