Dear Readers,

I recently got COVID (doing much better now) and had to move out my launch schedule for my upcoming Angelbound Origins adventure, Angry Gods. Some of you may have lost your preorders for this book on Amazon. Not to worry! The preorders are still live but on a new product page and you need to redo your order. So sorry about this!!!! You can preorder using the links below:

Angry Gods
Angelbound Origins #12
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Myla Lewis goes from good demon to bad angel… Is there any way back?

My bestie asked so nicely, how could we refuse? At Cissy’s request, my husband, Lincoln, and I allow the gods and goddesses of Olympus to stay one night in our Purgatory home.


Trouble is, the deities just won’t leave. Even worse, their personalities suck. Poseidon makes the carpets moldy. Zeus needs to stick his thunderbolt somewhere other than my face. Venus keeps making goo-goo eyes at my husband. And don’t get me started on Hades. Talk about cuckoo for undead cocoa puffs. Lincoln and I send our son, Maxon, to the safety of Antrum while we search for ways to evict our unwanted tenants.

A solution appears: the After-Realm Olympics. If I can join this tournament and win at one-to-one combat, the ancient magic of the games will grant me any wish, including making my unwanted houseguests go buh-bye. It’s perfect… until I sign the unbreakable contract. That’s when I discover the ‘one’ I’m fighting is all of Olympus, meaning every last deity in my house.


Another solution appears, only it’s way less attractive than a fight. To beat Olympus, I must develop dark angel powers, that’s a forbidden area of Heavenly magic that starts with righteous anger and ends with mass murder. And even if I can become a dark angel, I’ve got yet another-nother issue.

No dark angel has ever returned to the light.