The anniversary edition of Angelbound ACCA is here! This version includes an all-new story called Saving Mrs. Pomplemousse. And the new content is live in ebook, print and audiobook editions. Woot!

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About Angelbound Acca (Book 3)

Anniversary Edition Now Live With Bonus Print/Audio Story! 

Myla and Lincoln get married and there’s Hell on Earth.


What’s with the new hotness? Angelbound is celebrating its ten-year anniversary! Acca is the third book to receive a fresh cover and extra content. Check out what’s new in Angelbound books 1 and 2…

Angelbound (Book 1)

Anniversary Edition Now Live With Bonus Print/Audio Story! 

Eighteen-year-old Myla Lewis is a girl who loves two things: kicking ass and kicking ass. She’s not your every day quasi-demon, half-demon and half-human, girl. For the past five years, Myla has lived for the days she gets to fight full-blooded demons in Purgatory’s Arena. But when the demons start to act weird, even for demons, and the King of Hell, Armageddon, shows up at Myla’s school, Myla knows trouble is coming with a capital T.

Things heat up when Myla meets Lincoln, the High Prince of the Thrax, a super-sexy half-human and half-angel demon hunter. But what’s a quasi-demon girl to do when she falls for a demon hunter? It’s a good thing that Myla’s not afraid of breaking a few rules. With a love worth fighting for, Myla’s going to shake up Purgatory.

Up next? Revisions and audio content for the second book in the series…

Scala (Book 2)

Anniversary Edition Now Live With Bonus Print/Audio Story! 

Nineteen-year-old Myla Lewis has transformed into Great Scala, the only being with the power to move souls out of Purgatory and into Heaven or Hell. Trouble is, a magical object called Lucifer’s Orb is limiting Myla’s abilities. With the Orb threatening millions of souls, Myla’s got enough on her plate without her old enemy, Lady Adair, causing problems. Unfortunately, Adair is launching an ingenious campaign to take away everything that Myla holds dear, including Myla’s Angelbound love, Prince Lincoln. But between their clever ideas and toe-curling kisses, Myla and Lincoln are fighting back. Can they stop the Orb and save Purgatory’s souls…Or will they lose everything to Adair’s devious schemes?

Coming in August… Angelbound Book 4!

Thrax (Book 4)

Anniversary Edition Coming Soon With Bonus Print/Audio Story!

Myla’s pregnant, which is awesome.

Trouble is, her husband Lincoln’s been switched out for a body double.

That’s not so cool…