Dear Readers,

Last year, I decided to go back school and get my masters degree in history from Harvard. I’m participating through a program where, if you get good enough grades for long enough, you are automatically accepted. I am not ‘standardized test girl,’ so this is a fit for me.

So far, I have taken two courses in American history and gotten A grades… yay! 

This always sounds in my head with a Fonzie “A”

My next step is to take the Proseminar, which is their super-rough class that weeds folks out. To take the class, you must get tested on critical reading and writing skills. Having gotten two A grades (as well as writing forty-five books) I thought I’d ace this thing. I took the test and got the lowest score: N for Not Pass. I must get at least a B grade in the basic writing class before I can take the Proseminar.

I shall not pass!

Not gonna lie; I was shocked by this result. Then, I remembered that I am not ‘standardized test girl.’ I tend to answer questions in ways that seem perfectly logical to yours truly, or too funny not to write down. It doesn’t end well. Some examples from other learners that I could have done myself:

Hopefully, you get the idea. 

Long story short, if Harvard believes I need to take the writing skills class, then that’s what I’ll do. I’m planning to take it in the spring! 

That’s all for this update. I’ll keep you posted!