Dear Readers,

Thanks to everyone who’s reached out to share positive impacts from my writing! A recent reader, Brittany, has graciously agreed for me to forward her note. I hope you enjoy her words as much as I have!



A long, long time ago, I discovered a book called Angelbound and fell into a magical and sassy world that I have loved for years.

My name is Brittany. I’m 30 years old, about to be 31. I live in Ohio with my husband and daughter who’s is 1.5 and I’m pretty sure she’s part demon because, you know, toddler. I’m a social worker in a hospital. I’ve never done anything like this so not even sure what information I should share but I’m also an over-sharer sometimes.

And here I am, finding myself revisiting Purgatory again for the umpteenth time. Of course, the last time I visited, The Brutal Time was the last book out so it’s been a while. Clearly I was overdue. I drive 45 minutes to work and have taken up the habit of reading audiobooks during my drive. While looking for something new after finishing my last book, Angelbound pops up under suggested. Read by the very author who is probably responsible for my love for fantasy, at least in part. So here I am, listening to the Audiobooks of Myla’s story and reading through Lincoln’s when I get home so I can immerse in both views at the same time. Which may sound weird but it’s not uncommon for me to be reading/listening to multiple books, related or not, and know what’s happening in each one separately (my highest so far is 6). I blame the ADHD. I definitely have quite the list of books to catch up on and will probably be devouring every single thing at a rapidly alarming rate.

So while putting my toddler to bed tonight, I thought I would write you this weird email. Thank you for creating Myla and Lincoln, and everything that comes with them. For playing a part in my love for the realms of fantasy and reading. For giving young, quiet, and timid me a strong, sassy character to love until I was able to become that myself. It took a while, but she’s here now.

Keep kicking ass,

Brittany, MSW, LSW
-a grateful reader-