Dear Readers,

Color me PUMPED! My new release, Angelbound Tales, just received the elusive Amazon #1 release flag! 

:::does happy dance:::

What’s This?
If a book hits number one in a particular category, then the title joins Amazon’s mystical algorithm and is auto-magically promoted throughout the system. This is free sales help from Amazon versus the pricey stuff. Yay!

How Does Amazon Calculate Such Things?
Amazon books are categorized in buckets set by the super-secret international conspiracy of BISACS (actually, it’s not all that exciting or secret but I heart drama.) You can find a list of them here. Although the BISACS are universal, Amazon is a special snowflake. Therefore, Kindle has their own special version called Amazon categories. These are visible if you look at the decision tree along the left-hand side of your shopping screen. I got the much-desired flag—and related sales help—because I ranked well within a category. 

Why Your Preorders ROCK MY WORLD
When you preorder, it helps promote my work in the way that matters most–the almighty algorithm. Thanks for all you do and supporting independent voices like mine! More info about the release in question is listed below…

Thanks again, 


Angelbound Tales Vol. 1


Love Myla Lewis? Don’t miss Angelbound Tales Volume One, a collection of five bonus stories from Myla’s world, including:

  • Walker’s Love Connection, where Myla uncovers a secret about her honorary older brother.
  • Sharkie and Snickerdoodles, in which our heroine faces down an uber-evil ghoul in order to get her hands on (what else?) some damned fine cookies.
  • Wedding Bells, aka the story of a certain happy couple getting married. Havoc ensues in more ways than one!
  • Herbie and Baby Hotdogs, the tale of a quasi-demon whose ‘mortal sin power’ is gluttony. Consider yourself warned.
  • Saving Mrs. Pomplemousse, a mini-romance that explores the true meaning of ‘soul mates.’ Say it with me now: awwww!