An Angelbound special edition is coming in May, along with special editions of Scala, Maxon and Portia … as well as Cursed & Concealed (from the Beholder Series) !!!

Here’s the deal. I’m changing my distribution partner in May and that means killing the product codes (what we call ISBNs) on my first six books. As in, those original six VANISH. Well, as we say in software, “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” So I decided that if I have to re-release those titles I might as well make it awesome. As a result, I wrote new epilogues for the following:

– Angelbound – Xavier and Camilla’s wedding

– Scala –  extra content from Lincoln’s POV because everyone loves LINCOLN!!!!

– Maxon – big reveal on Maxon and Lianna’s future family on particular and the elemental world in general

– Portia – Honeymoon!!! (insert porn guitar riff, bow-chicka-bow-BOW)

– Cursed – extra scene with Elea and Rowan

– Concealed – another extra scene with Elea and Rowan (because you really can’t have too much Elea and Rowan)

And all this stuff is launching in May because that’s when the old product codes die. Am I sleeping much? No. Are you going to freaking love the new epilogues? I certainly hope so!

It’s taking me a bit to learn my new system, so of the six, I only have the Angelbound special edition preorder live on:

– Amazon –

– And GooglePlay –

BONUS – I am also doing a box set of all the extra content for power readers, so you don’t need to re-order all the books. (See the box mock-up below!) This was a SUPER AWESOME idea from readers and thank you!

Stay tuned for more updates …