Great news!!! From December 14th through December 19th, there will be a book launch fiesta for my newest release, MACK (Angelbound Offspring #6)!!! It’s a story of dragons, vampires and Nazis… what’s not to love?

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December 14th
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December 15th
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December 16th
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December 17th
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December 18th
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December 19th
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About MACK

“How I love Mack! This book is full of fun, action, humor, great characters, snarky dialogue and chemistry. Fantastic!” – The Wooly Geek

I’m Mack, a regular human who happens to run a secret league of vampire hunters. For most of my nineteen years, my daily routine has been to kill bloodsuckers, rinse and repeat.

But if I thought the vampires were trouble before, now stuff is about to get downright apocalyptic.

Why? The clock is ticking. The magical city of El Dorado will reopen soon. And once that happens, the vampire leader, Roman, will enter and create an army of bloodsuckers who do more than just kill humans—these vamps also take the shape of the last person they murdered. With thousands of supernatural warriors behind him, Roman will wipe out humankind and repopulate the world with vampires.

Not on my watch.

Trouble is, Roman knows I’m coming for him, so he’s targeting the woman I love, Kaps. There’s no way I’m putting her in danger, so I tell Kaps we’re through and go after Roman on my own.

But my woman is a badass dragon shifter who wants to end Roman as much as I do. When it comes to saving humanity, Kaps won’t let anyone stop her.

Even me.

“Mack is a force unto himself. And Mack with Kaps is phenomenal.” – Phoebe’s Randoms

The Angelbound Offspring Series
1. Maxon
2. Portia
3. Zinnia
4. Rhodes
5. Kaps
6. Mack
7. Huntress

SEE MACK ON: Amazon / Nook / Kobo / Google Play / Apple Books